An iPhone Docking Station has something mystical. As this sounds maybe wired I discovered that many people think that way. The first iPhone was delivered with a little iPhone Dock. It had no speakers, just a small dock to charge you phone. Many people liked – or still like – this little iPhone dock because it makes the charging process easier. You’ve got your dock on your desk and just plug your phone in it. It starts charging and you still see the iPhones display. No searching for the USB-cable etc.

With the new generation – the iPhone 3G – Apple stopped to offer the docking station together with their smartphones. The problem was that the new model had a slightly new shape, so it didn’t fit in the docking station. When the iPhone was still new it was a kind of privilege to own one. So not that many people ever saw the original Apple iPhone dock. But if you’re interested in your smartphone or mp3 player you surely searched already for information about it on the internet. Now this is the place where people hear about this dock. But the most people own an iPhone 3G or 3Gs and also just know little about the old dock. So was this “mystical” feeling about the original Apple dock The Best iPhone Docking Station.

Today Apple still sells a new version of the dock on their Apple Store for around $50 but it’s by far not the best you can get for your little computer. Many companies discovered the potential and developed their own docking stations. Now, as the iPhone and iPod is not just a product but has become a fashion or even a lifestyle, there are also thousands of variants of these docking stations. You’ll find funny ones like a pig or a ghost formed or qualitative ones from Bose and co.

The question is: Do I really need one? Well the answer is in almost every case: “no!”

But you also don’t really need an iPhone, both are just things you like to have. So what you should do is to think about what you like to have. The funny stations or the bigger no-name docks seem to be cool on the first glance but most time you’ll buy them and never really use them. So the best way is to decide to buy a really good but expensive Dock that you’ll use as a addition for your living-room and as alternative to a good CD-player (who still has many new CDs?). The other way is to decide for a really cheap and simple one that just adds speakers to your phone to make it a portable “mini-gettoblaster”. It just depends on what you want your iPhone to be: A cool little computer, a great sound system or just a gadget for the next party? It’s up to you…

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